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The Creative Community Housing Project (CCHP)  

Our two-year residency supports emerging, practicing and mid-level artists by providing spatial subsidies, professional development and teacher training. In exchange, fellows give time to underserved communities through outreach organized by TCP’s Community Arts Program (CAP).. The artists’ works are showcased at an annual fall exhibition and exposure from the program gives access to new audiences nationwide.

CCHP Artist-in-Studio long term studio space (2yrs.)

Provides up to eight visual artists with long term (2yrs.) studio spaces and exhibition opportunities. In exchange, each of the selected artists will complete youth arts outreach with. The studios and exhibition space are located at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. While in the program residents will also receive promotional support, exhibition opportunities and professional development. 

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CCHP VISITING Artist-in-Residency - SHORT term housing + StUDIO (3 MONTHS) 

This residency program will host one out of state emerging artist every quarter. Residents will be provided housing and transportation along with 24-hour studio access to foster creative growth and innovation. In addition, residents will be required to teach workshops, participate in seminars, and engage in collaborative and community-based projects in order to give back and connect with the local community. In light of TCP’s “circle of giving concept,” the residency will foster a space for deep conversations about place and community enrichment via arts and culture initiatives while allowing residents time and space to develop new bodies of work.

By implementing this unparalleled program, TCP will promote emerging talent world-wide, expose Atlanta to a larger array of creative voices, and fight for our city’s growth and reputation as an internationally competitive arts region.

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The Creatives Project is excited to expand its residency program to include ART-FORCE! The residency will provide participants with flexible below market units while engaging their creative skills for the greater good. Access to additional TCP ameneties on and off site such as studios, classrooms, and gallery space will foster creative growth and innovation. While in the program residents will also receive promotional support, exhibition opportunities and professional development

In exchange, each resident will serve the surrounding communities through educational programs onsite through TCP's Community Arts Program (CAP).


ART-FORCE will create new opportunities for Atlanta’s burgeoning arts community and enable the city to retain its creative talents., while having a profound impact on the areas economy by building community life, attracting visitors, and increasing economic activity.



We need Atlanta's support to expand ART-FORCE! From operating support for our community driven programs to capital support for the acquisition of future sites, we invite you help bring The ART-FORCE program to life!


The Community Arts Program (CAP)

CAP is the arts education outreach program of The Creatives Project. TCP's CCHP Artists in Residence complete their service hour requirements through this program. TCP provides students, teachers and communities with direct hands-on arts experiences through personal interaction with artists. TCP encourages each artist to explore his/her discipline with students, teachers and community members through a variety of components that may include workshops, classes, lectures and discussions, rehearsals, performances, community events, and mentorship.



We aim to develop arts/music education programming specifically for highly under served neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta by offering CAP programming to schools, community centers and neighborhoods with very high concentrations of children living in low income situations who may also have disabilities or other developmental delays. In conjunction with the Board of Education, these programs will also aim to help students develop a creative voice for externalizing issues that have led them to their current state. It is our belief that by giving these children the opportunity to explore alternate means of expression, they will learn to identify psychological triggers for violence and aggression, ultimately  exploring the roots of their situation.

In conjunction with the educational program, a mentorship program has been developed to pair artists with at-risk youth, providing support and guidance for children to explore creative passions, ultimately building strong relationships that positively impact children's lives.


We aim to develop arts/music education programming specifically for our community at large through the creation and implementation of an adult education program consisting of studio classes, workshops, lectures, and open studio visits conducted by CCHP residents.

This program utilizes the talents and special skills of all TCP artist in residency program participants as each is required to give back to their local community through arts based outreach. We continue to develop our educational programs with the above goals in mind.


Since 2011, TCP has presented 14 exhibitions and served 40 artists through residency opportunities who have volunteered 8,450 arts service hours to help over 750 under served youth realize their creative dreams through one-on-one professional artist mentorship.

TCP's beneficiary organizations have included a number of area neighborhoods and schools, One Love Generation, VSA Arts of Georgia, Street Smart Youth Project, Blueprint 58, Paint Love, Big Bethel AME Church, Operation P.E.A.C.E. and Columbia Residential. (CLICK THE LINKS FOR IMAGE GALLERIES)